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Lubricant Manufacturers


The National Personal Lubricant Association (NPLA), headquartered in Chicago, IL, is a membership-based nonprofit organization.
Founded in 2001, the organization currently has more than 60 U.S. and international manufacture members.
NPLA provides short courses, conferences, and Webinars related to the science, education and manufacture  of personal lubricant and the personal lubricant industry to both its members and the general public.

Founding Members:

Kech Group LLC

On-Line Retailer

HMB Pharma LLC

(844) 386-5823

Manufactures: SportLube

B. Cummings Co. Inc.
(800)226-6464 or (818)504-2571
Manufactures: Elbow Grease

BioFilm, Inc.
(800)848-5900 or (800)325-5659
Manufactures: Astroglide
Davryan Labs, Inc.
Manufacturer: Probe

Empowered Products
Manufacturer: Gun Oil, Pink, Stroke 29, Jack Jelly

Mayer Laboratories 
(800)426-6366 or (510)437-8867
Manufacturer: Aqua Lube

MD Science Lab  
Manufacture: Swiss Navy

Pjur Group USA
(877) 628-7100
Manufacture: Pjur Bodyglide

Trimensa Pharmaceuticals
(800)554-1313 or (805)499-2446
Manufacturer: ForPlay 
Trigg Laboratories
 (800) 248-4811
Manufacturer: Wet Lubricant
Westridge Labs, Inc.
Manufacturer: I-DLube

Manufacturers: Headliner
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