Personal Lubricant Types



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This is pretty self-explanatory, water-based lubricants are composed of water and glycerin. They can be sticky and the water tends to evaporate quickly, so make sure you have some extra lube handy. It washes away easily with soap and water.

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Condoms Safe

Most condoms that come already lubricated, use a silicone-based lubricant. This type, like the water-based, is safe to use with all types of condoms, yet won't evaporate like water does. Excellent lube for sex in water. Many popular manufactures say that silicone lube is easily removed with soap and water. However, many people feel a residue after washing. This can be greatly reduced by wiping excess lube from the skin before showering. Any residue with be absorbed into your skin after a brief time. Can be used as a skin moisturizer to soften the skin. Has been know to stain sheets.

Oil Based


DO NOT USE OIL-BASED LUBRICANTS WITH LATEX CONDOMS Oil-based lubricants will break down latex condoms, thus making them prone to breakage and ineffective. Baby oil, lotion, and Vaseline are all types of oil-based lubricants and will eat through latex quickly. These are much slicker than other types of lubricants and will help soften the skin. With the creation of polyurethane condoms which are not destroyed by oil based lubricant. , oil-based lubricants have recently become more popular.

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Hybrid Lubricant

Silicone & Water

(Water + Silicone) — Hybrid personal lubricants are the newest type of lubricants developed. These lubricants generally are water-based lubricants with a small amount of silicone added to extend slipperiness. These lubes are often white or cloudy in appearance due to the combination of Water and Silicone.